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Links to Kansas City Wedding Planners and more.

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K.C. Vinyl DJs knows lots of vendors of various types, so ask us if you are in need of a specialist. DJ Clint knows all of the hot venues and vendors.

Are you a Wedding Photographer, Wedding Cake Baker, Wedding Florist, Wedding Catering, or Apparel company? K.C. Vinyl DJs would like to feature your link if we have worked with each other before. Let's collaborate on future events.

Kansas City Event Vendors Trusted by DJ Clint

Sharon Ivy Events and Wedding Planning

Sharon - 816-377-0688



Sharon Ivy's Wedding and Event Planning generates smiles all night while ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Call her and find out why you should Keep It Simply Stylish.

Cheryl Eve Acosta Jewelry

Wedding Reception Bridesmaids Jewelry


Let Cheryl Eve design pieces that you can rent or buy as gifts for your closest girls. No dying or alteration of the stones means no ruined clothing or staining of the skin. Ask to see the sample box and meet at the local Tea Drop for a chat over a diverse selection of beautiful hand-made natural jewelry.

Vulcan's Forge Jewelery


Design and order custom wedding rings for your engagement or wedding day. Talk with the craftsmen and craftswomen and order special stones for unique settings.

Jason Hewlett Enterprises


Jason Hewlett provides entertainment in the form of a one man improv, impersonation, and remix act. He will make the most serious person laugh uncontrollably as he darts through interpretations of classic songs while managing the wardrobe on stage. His company is expanding to host other talent. Spend a moment on his site and follow his youtube links. K.C. Vinyl provides the sound when Jason Hewlett is in town.

Other Sites by Clint White

DJs for Kansas City


Do you love Digital music more than Analog? Are you indifferent? Follow the link above to go to my site where records are a thing of the past!

Are you a vendor who would like to work on event booking with me? Please contact me immediately. I can help you with websites and everything else.

Clint Richard White Homepage


The non-social medial homepage for the man known as CRW, CRUU, DJ Clint, and many other names.

Green Sheep of the Family Clothing Company


Sharing eco-knowledge at family gatherings made DJ Clint the black sheep of the family. He decided instead to be the Green Sheep of the Family, and start a clothing line to address the problem of outcasting those who share knowledge for improving life and society. Enjoy the punny tee-shirt designs and help with the kickstarter funding run.

External Links to Vinyl DJ Info and Company Pages

These links are other blogs, company sites, and general dj pages that are of use.

12 Inch DJs


A site with dj info and this useful links page to many of the company sites you should need.