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Kansas City DJ Packages and Pricing

Kansas City Vinyl DJs Packages and Pricing Information

DJ pricing begins at $495 for a complete package that beats every other setup in Kansas City. Additional dee-jay, sound and lighting options are listed below the packages. Please contact me with any special ideas -- I thrive on solving problems and sculpting your thoughts into reality. Together we can make the most memorable event possible.

List of Kansas City Vinyl DJs Package Prices

  • $495 DJs 4 K.C. Mezzanine Setup 4 hours
  • $695 K.C. Vinyl DJs Perfect Package 4 hours
  • $895 K.C. Vinyl DJs Club Package 5 hours
  • $1295 K.C. Vinyl DJs Groovy Package 6 hours
  • $1495 K.C. Vinyl DJs Unlimited Package 7 hours
  • $100 Options and Discounts below

K.C. Vinyl DJs Early Booking Discounts

Discounts are available for placing a deposit and signing a contract for dee jay services six months or one year before your wedding, reception, or event.

6 Months DJ Discount

  • $50 off Club DJ Package
  • $100 off Groovy DJ Package
  • $200 off Unlimited DJ Package

1 Year DJ Discount

  • $75 off Club DJ Package
  • $150 off Groovy DJ Package
  • $300 off Unlimited DJ Package

Special for Liberty Hall in Lawrence, KS

Rental of their $100,000 sound system costs only $150. We will eat the rental cost for the Groovy and Unlimited Vinyl DJ Packages, and will discount $100 for the Club Package. These discounts can be added to early deposit discounts, so act now.

Forever Vinyl DJs 2013-2014 Package Prices

The packages below include vinyl and turntables plus computers. For the standard K.C. DJ packages without records, visit for packages ranging from $595 up.

DJ Clint has 2,500 Vinyl Tracks - we will bring some, and guests can bring their collection!

K.C. Vinyl DJs Perfect Combo - $695 first 4 hours

Combining the CD decks with a single turntable and the computers gives the ultimate small footprint deal with the best of both worlds.

Additional Hours: $50 per hour

  • Speakers 2x 15" JBL MRX515 tops,
  • Lights 2 huge room-filling derby lights
  • Effects 1 dancefloor effect light
  • Digital Music 35,000 tracks on integrated laptop
  • CD Decks Dual CD Decks, Denon Mixer, 1,000 CDs
  • Turntable One Technics 1200 record player and Ortofon needle
  • Records One crate of 60 records from any genre

K.C. Vinyl DJs Club Setup - $895 first 5 hours

Additional Hours: $75 per hour

  • 2x 15" JBL MRX515 speakers
  • 2 huge room-filling derby lights
  • 35,000 tracks on integrated laptop
  • Two crates of 60 records from any genre

Kansas City Vinyl DJs Groovy Package - $1295 first 6 hours

Additional Hours: $100/Hr.

Everything above, plus..

  • 1x 18" JBL MRX518 sub
  • Lighting TRUSS with 4 lights
  • Disco Ball and 2 pin beams
  • 4 Wireless Handheld Microphones!
  • 2x 8" EV monitor/backup speakers - great for a second room!
  • Lighting TRUSS with 6 lights

Kansas City Wedding DJ Unlimited Vinyl Package - $1495 first 7 hours

Cover your wedding ceremony at a second venue with a separate sound system while the Vinyl Package awaits at the reception hall. This package is perfect for a 5 p.m. wedding and a party until midnight

Additional Hours: $100/Hr.

Everything above, plus..

  • 3 wireless lapel microphones
  • 4x Uplighting Package
  • 40" LCD for a slideshow

Additional DJ Options

  • $100 - NEW - Uplighting - each pair of lights

  • $100 - Add the 18" JBL sub

  • $200 - Add two more JBL MRX515 speakers

  • $100 - Add Karaoke and TV for words

  • $100 - Add the Disco Ball and Truss

  • $100 - Add lights x2 or a laser

  • $100 - Add Wireless Microphone System and 4 handheld mics

  • $100 - Add Wireless Lapel Microphones

  • $200 - Video Screen and Projector

  • $200 - 40" LCD Screen, DVD/Laptop

  • $300 - Portable Oak Dance Floor 12x16 foot, Portable DJ Tent

  • $100 to $200 - Add sound and music to a second location(wedding, etc)

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