DJ Training and Lessons on Disc Jockey Skills

In-Home Professional Dee Jay Lessons and Training

K.C. Vinyl DJs will bring a computer setup to your home or a location of your choice to provide DJ lessons and professional disc jockey training. Years of calls asking for Dee Jay and gear advice and training prompted DJ Clint to outline a lesson plan for starting your first mix. This plan led to other lessons on improving your dj mixes and completing everything from recordings to promotions. Contact K.C. Vinyl DJs now to reserve a learning session with yourself or someone important to you.

K.C. Vinyl DJs Brings the Skills to You

You can have lessons in your own home with my portable dj setups. A beginning option is to meet you at Big Dudes Music City in K.C. or at a Guitar Center so we can pick out a starter setup for you.

Young DJs will grow stronger each day.

Learning while young is very important for the brain. Any instrument allows the brain to make connections it never would have before, creating a web of language, beat, and emotion as a means to express ideas.

No one should hesitate to learn because they are older. A great number of successful DJs in Kansas City started in their middle 30s and 40s, and now play successful club gigs. It is, however, very beneficial to children to get them playing with musical instruments before they get hooked on video games.

DJ Hero is Not a Teaching Tool

Ask any guitarist what they think of guitar hero, and they will tell you they strongly dislike it. Buying a plastic interface like DJ Hero only adds to the junk collection, and quickly becomes a boring castaway. Buying a real piece of gear that works with computers and cds will provide real value and entertainment while teaching skills with electronics and caring for property. Buy the best gear you can afford, and call me if you have questions on a budget intro-DJ package.

DJ Lesson 1 - Dee Jay Basics

$50 first hour, $25 each additional hour

Understanding the gear you are working with is very important in order to avoid ruining your gear and harming yourself and others. Begin here with disc jockey basics, a lesson intended to give you enough training to get you started without overloading the crate.

An effective lesson requires around 4 hours to complete, but an intro of one hour will give enough time to get the gear going and get the very basic dj skills down. Each day of classes starts at $50, and $25 each additional hour. Buy with the button above for a free hour. Group rates are available for $10 per extra kid per hour if you are having a

DJ Lessons Birthday Party

DJ Basics Lesson Plan Includes

  • Cables 101
  • Setting up the equipment
  • Optimizing the audio signal
  • Optimize the computer - windows or mac
  • Where to find legal dj music promos
  • Perfecting the pitch
  • Making your first mix
  • Hardware suggestions

DJ Lesson 2 - Intermediate Disc Jockey Training

Busting out the first dee jay mix is very rewarding, but pales in comparison to the feeling of a flawless DJ set. Prepare yourself for the next level of training, where focus is put on making better decisions. Beatmaching is still going to be difficult for some time as your brain learns to hear and differentiate two different drum tracks going while blocking out synthesizers and instruments. Learn more key strategies to bring your mixes tighter.

Buy a 3-hour DJ Lesson for $100 now and get an hour free.

Get an hour free when you buy DJ Training online. That is a $25 value, and a 33& greater experience. Not available for any other transaction .

Send me an email with your transaction confirmation and I will send a printable Certificate for Guarantee of DJ Training which can be given as a gift.

Reasons to Learn From Kansas City Vinyl DJs

  • Diverse musical taste means all genres of music can be taught.
  • DJ Training is natural for DJ Clint, who has schooled hundreds of DJs over the years, even those who have mixed far longer.
  • Dedication to the industry means more knowledge about all aspects of Disc Jockey skills.
  • Gear Guru DJ Clint knows more about the hardware out there.
  • 11 Years Experience mixing at parties and clubs.
  • 7 Years Experience music production, mastering, and post-production.